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Frequenty Asked Questions:

Do you deliver to just anyone?
No. We ONLY deliver to valid medical marijuana patients who have a current and verifiable doctor's recommendation for medical marijuana and who are California residents over the age of eighteen.

We verify all patients prior to delivery, and we must see the original recommendation and your California ID on each visit.
Is there a minimum amount of meds required for free delivery?
Yes, we require a one ounce minimum. The ounce need not be entirely a single strain. For example it could be divided into 2, 3 or 4 different strains.
What is the maximum amount of meds I can order?
We will deliver up to the amount stated on your medical recommendation.
What areas to do you delivery to?
We deliver to just about everywhere in Southern California including San Diego County, Orange County, Los Angeles County and the Inland Empire.
Will you ship product to my location outside of Southern California?
No. We only deliver to Southern California face to face & with a hand shake.
What are your hours of operation?
Sunday through Thursday 10am to 9pm
Friday & Saturday 10am to 11pm
Do you have to come to my place of residence or can we meet somewhere else?
We can meet up at your local Starbucks or at your residence. Whichever of these two choices is fine by us.
Do some strains require a higher donation than other strains?
No. For the most part we require the same donation amount no matter what the strain since the growing costs for each strain are about the same. From time to time we do offer some of or meds on special for a lower donation.
What if I am truly not happy with the strain I chose?
We stand by our meds and will exchange the unused amount for a different strain of your choice. We will make this exchange only once so please do not abuse our policy.
Do you offer better prices for large orders?
Yes. Contact us to discuss but please remember that we will not deliver more than what your recommendation allows.
Why don't you carry more OG's?
OG's yield a much lower amount of product and the nugs are usually much smaller. The strains we carry are for true medicinal needs. We have no interest in carrying a lot of OG's in our menu.
Do you carry any concentrates such as wax, honey or hash?
No. We deal only with flowers but we can provide you with trim to make your own. The trim we have has no fan leaves or stems . It is strictly made from the final trimming of the flowers.

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